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kimprofielInterview with the nail expert Emki
Nail expert Emki owns the popular Emki Nail Opleidingen in Haarlem and her staff specialises in elaborate and trendy nail art designs.
By Styling Amsterdam sat down with Emki to find out what inspired her to start her own business, what the nail polish trends are for the coming season and a lot more.

The first thing I do in the morning is
I make sandwiches for my children and I drink a coffee and watch the news and check my E-mail – I do a lot of thinks actually 😉

I cannot have breakfast without
My kids, coffee, crackers and my Macbook. Yes, I am a workaholic – big time!

My perfect breakfast consists of
I try to be a health freak but the nicest things are: Crackers and chocolate flakes

The best person for me to have breakfast with is
My children that always smile and never judge. They are happy and we have fun, which is the most important thing in life.
Meet nail expert Emki

Tell us about your career. Where did it start? How did you discover your talent and how has your career unfolded?
My career started in a nail salon in Hungary, I was living in Budapest and I was a little bit of a tomboy. When I lived there I learned to be a woman and went to a nail salon. I was actually never satisfied when they did my nails, which is why I decided to move back to the Netherlands in order to learn how to do it myself. I started at home in a small place close to the toilet. It was actually very funny because I stayed with someone at that time and he could not go to the toilet while I had customers (we all no why :-)). So I worked from home for one year and then one day I walked past a building and took a shot. Now, 9 years later have the busiest nail salon of Haarlem.

What gives you inspiration for your work Emki?
My kids and my customers give me the inspiration for my work. I like the inside of people and the fact that everyone is unique. Women are so strong and beautiful and I want to make a queen out of a woman – That is my inspiration.

Could you describe a typical day at work?
I always start my day with music. It is my incentive, my motivation. I cherish every client because that is the reason why Emki exist!
When I work with my colleagues the day is fun. We talk about men and women stuff and the clients also like to talk about everything – there is always a good vibe in the salon.
I like to listen and I like to talk. In case I am not teaching I do 6 to 10 clients a day.
Every set off nails is a challenge of perfection and I never get bored of it.

Nail art has really taken off across the globe these past few years, why do you think this is?
I think that Nails are an expression of who you are and show the creative side in yourself. Nails are just like an accessory. When men or women have nice hands and feet – it is just like a good orgasm for me!
I think that just 20% of the women in the Netherlands see their beauty in themselves. I would like it to be100% and I want to show every women how beautiful she is. In Hungary there are Nail salons on every corner – it is a woman’s land I think. Women in the Netherlands should spoil themselves a bit more – it makes you a happier person.

What would you say are the upcoming nail polish colours/trends for Autumn 2014?
The French Manicure is a keeper but only with a very thin smile line and a nail bed extension – classic and independent, like we woman want to be.
Also the deep confident red will be a hit and the nude look for the brave, but self-insecure lady.

What are your top nail polish tips that you could give to our readers?
Always use a base coat, otherwise your nail bed gets yellow (toes also) and use drip and dry (O.P.I) so your nail polish will dry very quick. And always use two layers of colouring so you can see your colour 100%.

Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself, your career, or the nail tech profession that would be interesting or helpful to others aspiring to enter and succeed in your profession?
I am a young independent woman and mother of two wonderful kids and I have a very busy company. I believe that with a lot of love and motivation you are able to do everything in life! My mistakes are my best lessons and make me stronger and stronger.

Always follow your inner self and be independent and take every advice as a nip from a glass of champagne because when the glass is empty you can always order another one yourself! People want to give you advice and help you but in the end you have to make your own company, that is what turns your business into gold. Be good to yourself and be positive, do not forget to help people and to give, because eventually you will get it all back. Time will tell and never be in an hurry – good ideas take time.

What exactly is being taught at your institute? Could you elaborate on the different aspects of the training?
In my lessons I would like the students to be themselves. When they walk in I want them to feel comfortable and then I will make them independent and eventually they will jump into a new adventure. I tell them my experience and they will make their own. I do not want my students to be a copy of myself – I want to see a unique self.

Technique and being patient is important as well as being able to give because your clients want a personal conversation with you and of course nice nails! I give my customers a good feeling when they leave the salon with perfect nails.

My students become good nail techs.

We would like to say a special thank you to Emki for taking a time out to talk to the By Styling Amsterdam Team. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and to learn more about your work.
For more information on Emki Nail School, please visit her website, or Facebook and Instagram



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